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Capture this Moment Photography capture your wedding memories


Your wedding is such a magical event; it is a moment in time, a personal promise. A day full of joy, happiness, laughter and occasionally even sadness as lost loved ones are remembered. Wedding photography encapsulates all these memories.


My role as a wedding photographer is to capture each of these moments, so they can be yours as images forever.

I never underestimate the responsibility that comes with photographing your day.

Capturing your wedding moments, through scheduled photographs and spontaneous moments


I am always honoured to be asked to photograph such a pivotal and personal day. I never underestimate the responsibility that comes with this. 

I love that in just one day there is an opportunity for such a wide range of shots, a close up of the show stopping wedding shoes, teary eyes in the ceremony, the first kiss, the first dance, the cutting of the cake… My favourite moments though are those in-between these scheduled events, the intimate looks, the laughter, and the spontaneous embraces. This is where I find the magic that can so easily be overlooked.




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