James Thomas Weddings

Wedding FILM not just wedding video

Unobtrusive, natural approach

We're friends, not contractors

Narrative based story-telling films


At James Thomas Weddings we help you truly tell your 'Wedding Day Story' through photos and film


James Thomas Weddings are a combination of some of the nation’s leading wedding cinematographers and photographers, we provide you with not just any ordinary wedding video, but a cinematic, narrative-based wedding film that truly tells your story from how you met to the proposal to any troubles or triumphs, and of course the wedding day itself!!


Coupled with truly stunning still images that capture those unforgettable moments in time, all while being totally unobtrusive and highly friendly and professional.


We don't just provide you with something to remember your day by, we provide you with something that will move you emotionally no matter how many years down the line you decide to look again, and that is the big difference between a wedding video and a wedding film!

Be bold. Be Different. Be the star in your own wedding film!

Quality, cinematic wedding video creation and service means we're friends with our clients for years to come


We're honoured to say that our clients are truly our friends, we still see them years after the weddings, attending parties or even just for a friendly chat, this is a testament not only to the amazing bonds we develop with our clients but also to just how amazing our clients really are! Head over to our website to see our wall of selfies!


Everything is shot and recorded on high grade professional 4k cinematic video and audio equipment so that quality is 100% assured with us!


Please feel free to drop us a call any time to find out how we can make your film and photo dreams a reality!







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