A non-guidey guide from a soon to be bride Part Five

01 / 05 / 19

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Part Five of Evie's story... Invitation panic!

This month has been a funny one, it's been rather up and down! Lets start with the down part of the wedding planning this month... the Invitations!

I love my invitations, they have come together beautifully. Everything has gone perfectly with the creation of the invitations, however I may have had a moment when it came to posting them… Arghhhh!

I posted them in the post box outside my house before going to work, and sat down at my desk all happy that we had finally sent our invitations out - the guests were invited and our wedding was drawing closer! The excitement was bubbling inside me until I excitedly handed an invite to my work colleague and she said “These are stunning how much did it cost for you to put these in the post!?” I explained all smug that I just put a normal 1st class stamp on them and popped them in the letterbox, and then the sudden realisation hit as I remembered that the post office charges for the weight and thickness of post, and these weren't your ordinary sized item of post - what had I done?

My stomach dropped as I visualised everyone getting a note through their doors to say they had post to collect without insufficient postage paid, and they must pay £1.25 for it at the post office! I was mortified at the thought that people may think we were trying to make them pay for their own invitation!

I think what got me most upset was the time, effort and energy that had gone into the hours of gluing and sticking could all be completely wasted if people may not even receive them. I felt totally gutted. I even went home and made another 50 day invites so that I was prepared and could post a replacement out immediately to anyone who said they didn't receive it or had to pay!

It seemed to take forever (no doubt this felt even longer than it was due to my heightened anxiety) for the invites to reach their recipients. Thankfully after a very long and nervous 4 days after 'the big mistake' I got a few texts from friends and family to say they'd received their invitations, phew, panic over - all was well!

I don't want to jinx anything but so far everything seems good, and only one of my friends hasn’t received her invite. This time it's not my fault and it's a case of the invite officially getting lost in the post! For all the people not to receive an invite, this was the best scenario as she is one of my bridesmaids and so has no choice but to come!

I'm sure to the non-bride this really doesn't seem something to stress and worry over, but trust me to a bride and especially a bride that has spent hours hand making invites and is delayed on sending them out this is major and extremely stressful! It was certainly a stress than we really didn't need. It's a happy ending though, our guests are receiving them and we can now enjoy the rest of the planning!

Enough of the invites, we had so many positives this month too. We have started to receive those “final” emails and meetings, discussing flowers, final venue décor and all the other 'little bits'! It's really so exciting finalising the finer details and seeing the day come together - it's so close now and we cannot wait!

The other biggie this month was my fiance Kieron and his groomsmen have sorted their suits! Hurrah! I'm so pleased that like me Kieron also fell in love with the first suit he tried on. Another big task ticked off our #wedmin!

As i type this, it's officially only 100 days until our wedding day! The 100 day count down is on!

Love Evie x