A non-guidey guide from a soon to be bride part four

31 / 08 / 18

We're loving hearing Leigh's thoughts and findings throughout her wedding planning journey. Here is part three...

‘A few confessions and a pretty awesome wedding’

As we sail past the four months to go milestone (we seem to have a very strong current behind us at the moment!) I’ve reached the conclusion that despite the sweat and the tears, a Bride to Be’s work is never done. I realise that I do still have four complete months to go which will inevitably be packed full of juicy planning activities, and perhaps it is too early to make such conclusions? BUT whilst feeling that I am treading water I have realised this wedding phenomenon…The evolving to do list. You’re feeling super organised, your milestones for the month have been successfully achieved, but the list isn’t getting any smaller. How so? Because of this- as soon as one item is crossed off the list another appears, as if by magic. Tick box- then ping! Hello cheeky, welcome to the party!

Having come to terms with the above and now, quite frankly, embracing the aforementioned phenomena, I have realised something else. Planning your wedding is THE best excuse to indulge in your guilty pleasures. I cannot think of any better reason to enjoy such freedom of choice without the need for justification, and I have decided to exercise this right to full capacity. I make no apology *twirl*

The thing is though, it comes to a point where the latest bits come up in conversation, as a Bride to Be doesn’t keep all of her plans a secret. I‘ve found myself ‘confessing’ to various things lately, and now that we’re getting to know each other I’ve decided to share a few of them with you.

Confession #1– A progressive obsession with crystal. It started with a Pin of a very beautiful vintage crystal display at a country house in Devon, which fuelled some inspiration and has now progressed to a spare bedroom becoming, well less spare. I’m now becoming totally obsessed with cut lead crystal, and whilst you may be thinking that I could have worse obsessions and that might be true, I now find it impossible to walk past any type of charity/vintage shop without whizzing in to see if there is anything new waiting for me. The thought of parting with it at any point is heartbreaking!

Confession #2- Before I go any further on this one, please consider the sheer extent of responsibilities when it comes to planning your wedding and cut me some slack. We must all forget something somewhere, don’t you think? With me, it was the flowers. Flower population, I apologise- I forgot about you (until this month). Now this isn’t to say that you have to have them, flowers and suchlike are totally optional but I do intend to have just a few. Oh look, another guest at the party!

Confession #3- We spent eight hours designing our wedding invitations. Eight- you read correctly. The best thing about it, is that this was not just an ‘I’ activity but a ‘we’ activity. Who knew that stationary could be so pleasing?! Of all of the things one might become excited about, the venue, the dress… I’m not ashamed to confess that my invites were up there with the rest. It may sound a little crazy to you as it does to me as I sit here and admit this fact but to my guests, I promise they will not disappoint!

So speaking of excitement, guess who was a bridesmaid this month? *grin emoji*

My best friend got married. Not only did my longest friend and her wonderful now husband tie the knot, they absolutely excelled themselves by throwing the most beautiful and creative reception, all of which was designed by the bride herself, and mostly by hand.

There was so much to love about the day! The transport was fabulous, the bride was escorted to the ceremony in a particularly handsome mint green VW camper, with a vintage double decker bus delivering all of the guests back to the most charming of paddocks to celebrate! Set against a backdrop of countryside, ponies and bales of hay, a beautifully dressed marquee was waiting for the newlyweds and their guests, which lent itself to dinner and dancing and everything in between. A retro caravan-turned-mobile bar served the drinks and kept the guests particularly well hydrated! And after lunch, the arrival of an ice cream van was welcomed, singing its merry tune and beckoning guests outside (this was one of the highlights of the day for me!) The bouncy castle was a winner for both the kids and adults alike (especially the boys- those averaging an age of 30 something!), as was the arrival of the quaint little pizza van come the evening.

It was so much fun, and if our guests leave our wedding feeling half as content as I did last weekend then I for one, will be one very happy bride.

Written by Leigh Messenger: 123 days to go and counting…

PS who said ice cream vans can’t make an appearance in December?!