A non-guidey guide from a soon to be bride part five

06 / 11 / 18

We're loving hearing Leigh's thoughts and findings throughout her wedding planning journey. This month Leigh reflects on friends and family, some may get stressed by them during the planning process, but here's why we really should embrace them. Here is part five...

‘An Early Reflection’

October, you spoiled me! Although you did come and go like a whirlwind and although we’ve only just dipped our toes into November- you already seem like a distant memory. But that’s the thing isn’t it? The more fun you have the quicker time flies and I don’t think I could have crammed any more into a single month!

So, I turned thirty… this was a BIG deal. It seems like I’ve been a ‘twenty-something’ year old forever. Maybe because I have spent the whole of my twenties with Matt? A decade and more in the blink of an eye. Okay, so we’ve got a couple of houses and a couple of university degrees under our belts, and we’re multiple jobs and an extensive list of holidays on from when I was nineteen- but a lot hasn’t changed much at all. Just a bit older and (not so much) wiser for it.

You may be wondering what sort of crazy event was had for the occasion, well we went completely wild. We hired a most beautiful cottage in the Devonshire countryside for a long weekend with our immediate family, ate lots, enjoyed a reasonable quantity of prosecco and played a cracking few games of countdown. Yep! Rock and roll… (They say things really get going in your thirties!)

However, there was method behind the (lack of) madness, just a few days later that long awaited date of the 11th October arrived. I jetted off to Barcelona with my nearest and dearest ladies for my hen do. Aside from the destination itself, my wonderful bridesmaids and associated hens kept everything else a well-kept secret, each day an activity planned which together made for a completely perfect weekend. My bridesmaids- my three best friends, possibly knowing me better than I know myself, completely excelled themselves. I can’t pick a favourite bit, but- the swan pool float and I definitely had a special connection! If the budget and logistics allow, I’d 100% recommend a city break for your hen do as there’ll be something for everyone.

After a city tour, a night in Barcelona in Gatbsy-esque flapper dresses, a boozy boat trip and too many other activities to mention, the weekend concluded on an early, stormy Sunday morning. Arriving home feeling slightly worse for wear and utterly exhausted but entirely content, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the efforts piled in to the past couple of weeks.

Firstly though, If I may, I’ll take just a brief moment to recognise a few efforts on our part too thus far, because as a Bride and Groom you are likely to pull out all of the stops to ensure that not only both of you, but all of your dearest guests have the very best possible time at your wedding. (If you’re bold enough not to worry then I admire you!) But it’s a BIG part of proceedings…

Your wedding will (fortunately) be the only time that you take on the arduous task of perfectly dressing not only yourselves but an array of other friends and family- bridesmaids, groomsmen, mothers and fathers. With only seven weeks to go I think we have finally sussed the attire. Ladies, gentleman, I suggest making this one of your earlier tasks- especially if you have a tribe like us! Then there’s the menu choices, the accommodation and the travel for your guests and last but not least the dreaded seating plan that is the mental equivalent of a broken Rubiks cube. You might suss it out one day but for now you’re going back on the shelf…

However, with a fabulous circle of family and friends, they seem to be pulling out all of the stops for us too. Everyone wants to help, it’s pretty overwhelming to be honest. And that is genuinely one of the best things about planning your wedding; the sheer wonderfulness of everyone else around you.

Perhaps we’re really lucky (we really do have spectacular friends and family) but if I can share one thought to upcoming Brides and Grooms it would be this; Embrace those nice gestures from your families, recognise every soul that offers you help because they genuinely want to, as it’s a rare and heartwarming occasion to gather your other favourite humans into one place.

I am done dwelling on the finer details now, because WE’RE GETTING MARRIED NEXT MONTH!

56 Days to go and counting…