A non-guidey guide from a 'Soon to be Bride':Last as a Miss

01 / 08 / 19

Whitewed Directory Real Bride De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel wedding planning blog part seven

Part Eight of Evie's story... The final chapter as a 'Miss'!

It's been a total of 18 months of waiting and planning from the moment we got engaged until our big day - and now it's only a matter of days away!

Everyone says you shouldn’t be stressed at this point, 'enjoy it as it will soon be over' but honestly, I don’t think I have ever felt more stressed throughout the whole planning of our wedding! There have been tears in Hobbycraft (when they only had one packet of pink flowers left instead of the four, I needed!) and plenty of sleepless nights over the past fortnight.

I've been worrying stupid amounts about the way it'll all look on the big day and what other people are going to think, whether they're going to be blown away or not? I'd love to say that I am at the stage where I don’t care at all, and its only about 'us two' but I’m not - no doubt afterwards I'll be thinking this and kicking myself for all the stressing! Thankfully, I do completely trust the venue and my mum to make sure that the room and all of the finer details are perfect on the day (as I won't be seeing the set-up prior as I’ll be getting ready), and everything I've envisaged is brought together as planned - It really makes all the difference knowing i have faith in them to make it perfect on our behalf.

Whitewed Directory Real Bride De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel wedding planning blog part seven stress lets break up

The last couple of weeks I've spent sorting out the last-minute bits, amazon prime has been my best friend! I have ordered a last minute 'Welcome to the Wedding' sign to place on an Easel in the entrance to the ceremony room, and order of the day stationery as well. I’ve planned for these to go on every other seat in the ceremony room along with a packet of tissues, with a personalised sticker on the front - although I might still be needing them before the big day for myself!

Kieron and I have been sorting out the timings and plan for the days prior to the wedding. We've needed to arrange who is looking after the dog, what Kieron needs to have packed in the car the day before to drop off the venue and fit in a last-minute appointment with my hairdresser for a fresh full head of highlights as well! When you start planning your wedding, these are all the things that don't cross your mind; but all need to be factored in and can be so time consuming and stressful at the end.

Whitewed Directory Real Bride De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel wedding planning blog part seven final days of prep i'm getting married next month

I think the important thing to keep reminding myself is people are always happy to help. If that’s sticking gems on place names, vinyl’s to mirror, or even making a playlist of music for the morning of the wedding, it’s fine to let people help you – in fact, they actually want too.

I have to say; I cannot wait for our day now. I know that Kieron is just as excited as me, and it can't come soon enough. 18 months in the planning and now we are so close! I can't wait to share some of our pictures from our wedding day in my next blog - can you believe I’ll then be writing to you as a 'newly married wife!'

Your soon-to-be-bride,

Evie xx