A non-guidey guide from a soon to be bride Part Four

03 / 04 / 19

Whitewed Directory Real Bride De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel wedding planning story

So here we are... Part four of my wedding planning story!

This month I think I have spent around 2503 hours on “Do it yourself” projects for the wedding, which is something I always wanted to do - it's been a rather crazy but productive month!

I have been decorating bridesmaid hangers, buying favour boxes, getting bridesmaid gift bags ready (which has been mostly purchased from Ebay and Hobbycraft) and most importantly creating the invitations, from scratch!

I had the invitations printed onto high quality card by a local print company which a family friend owns. The idea of only printing the necessary and putting the rest together ourselves sounded fantastic and was really cost effective, however when they arrived the reality hit! The company sent us through one invite completely made up so we could see what the finish product should look like and the rest of it resembled Ikea flat pack furniture! Arghhh

I shouldn’t complain really as they were so beautifully printed, but when you are fussy like me and want all the inserts of each invitation to be on a pearlescent pink card backing with a ribbon, brooch and diamante on each corner of the insert you are looking at a full-on craft work shop in the living room! I don’t think the dog even escaped a few gems stuck to her paws (Poor pooch!)

After a lot of very late nights and numerous weekends lost they are finally so close to being finished. All that we need to do now is put them together in the envelopes and post them off! We've pre-prepared the envelopes ready with the stamps stuck on and ribbons neatly tied so it shouldn't take us too long now.

In other news, we have also booked our meeting to discuss our music for the day! We are using the brilliant Whitewed approved talented singing duo The DeciBelles! I first spotted them at a wedding show, and have seen them perform at several shows since and they blow me away every time. I had booked them before we had even secured a wedding date - I'm sure they must of thought I was crazy! The music on the day is so important to us and they can sing everything so beautifully. I can't wait for them to entertain our guests and us!

Whitewed Directory Real Bride De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel wedding planning story The DeciBelles singing duo live band

So.. by next months blog i'd like to think that all 90 invitations will have been posted and maybe even the first few RSVP's will have been received - so exciting!! Within the next month we have planned to tackle our music choices for the day and will let The DeciBelles work their magic on our songs! This time next month we will be near 3 months to the big day and less than 100 days to go…. eeekkk!