A non-guidey guide from a soon to be bride Part Three

12 / 03 / 19

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So here we are... part three of my wedding planning story!

In case you were wondering, I am definitely not typing this in the Trousseaux fitting room still wearing my dress! I have left the premises although I think I was there for around 2 hours over-all! They were all so lovely in the boutique, letting me take my time and try on heaps of different accessories to style with my dress.

I am over the moon with my dress! It's even better than I remembered and so far this has been my favourite part of wedding planning. I feel you book some things not knowing how it’s going to look until the big day, so to be able to wear the dress I am going to wear in nearly 100 days’ time is amazing and makes it feel very very real.

Wedding planning this month has really come together - I feel this has been the month for trials and consultations and probably my favourite month so far in my planning journey. We had our cake tasting, where we have chosen 5 different flavours and I think this was Kieron’s favourite part so far (I haven’t seen him this animated about anything else!) I also had my make-up trial this month and I am so happy with the finished look.

Having different 'practise runs' of what our day is going to feel like and what our cake is going to taste like has made me feel far more relaxed mentally, and at ease with how our day will unfold - I almost wish I had done this sooner!

The final excitement came this month when we booked our honeymoon! Well, it's actuslly our 'mini-moon' but anyone who isn’t in the land of weddings have questioned what this actually is. We are going away for a week for some rest and relaxation in the sun after the wedding, although this wasn’t exactly planned and definitely wasn’t on the budget sheet (it is now though mum if you are reading this!) We felt we really would appreciate some time away straight after the wedding. For our “real” honeymoon we are planning a New York break around Christmas which we can't wait for, however returning to work on the Monday after the wedding just wasn't going to cut it hence the requirement of the unplanned mini-moon!

So, as you can see lots has happened this month both planned and unplanned! The unplanned part I blame on holiday companies sending out offers when it’s a storm outside!

My little words of advice; If your worrying that it may be too early to have a hair, make-up, menu tasting practise please don’t. Book them in. I can guarantee that if you are worrying in any way then this will help ease your mind, especially if you're a visual person like me.

Speak Soon

Your soon to be bride, Evie xx