Meet our Supplier of the Month: Saddlers Bar

04 / 06 / 18

Each month we like to get to know a supplier even better and bring you snippets you won't know about them from their page. This month, our supplier of the month is Saddlers Bar. Here's what Chelsea and Lela from Saddlers Bar had to say...

Who runs Saddlers Bar and how did you start out in business?

We’re Lela and Chelsea the co-founders of Saddlers bar. We’ve both had fairly traditional careers in the corporate world and whitest looking for our ‘great escape’ we spotted an opportunity for something a bit more fun. It was evident that there was a real gap in the market for a luxurious, premium mobile bar, finished to the highest of standard. And thus, Saddlers was born!

What is your greatest fear when you are working on a wedding?

We’re both really meticulous about planning and attention to detail, so generally we tend not to leave too much to chance but, surely a shortage of ice and serving warm drinks is everyone’s nightmare?!

What is the hardest thing a couple has ever asked you to do for their day?

By the very nature of being a ‘go almost anywhere bar’ one of our challenges tends to be working out how we can manouever in to the perfect spot at the venue. We haven't met a challenge that we couldn’t manage yet, including some pretty quirky and amazing places!

When was the last time you laughed out loud at a wedding? What happened?

It has to be the best man speech every time! With a mix of anticipation and apprehension, the punch lines can either provoke hilarious laughter or pale faces - such good fun to watch!

What moment are you most proud of in your profession?

Getting our first booking has to be up there with one of the proudest moments of starting Saddlers. We’d put so much of ourselves into launching our mobile Bar, to working with the craftsmen to get the highest quality finish, to sourcing the perfect product suppliers with the same ethos as our, and creating the perfect drinks line up . It’s been a lot of hard work (and fun) and the milestone of our first booking, really made it worth it!

Where is your favourite setting for a wedding?

The U.K. has so much to offer when it comes to wedding venues now and we love it when couples get really creative and don’t go down the traditional route. As we’re mobile, fully self sufficient and high-end we can offer that extra special luxury feel to a wedding, even if your chosen location is as simple as a farmers field!

What is the one thing you can’t live without in your job?

Apart from Gin & Tonic of course.... we couldn’t do what we do without the wonderful talented producers that have worked so hard to perfect the products that we sell. Our aim if to always showcase local products, made from high quality ingredients delivered with attention to detail and heaps of fun!

What is the most embarrassing thing you seen at a wedding?

If the brides father hadn’t embarrassed his daughter with a bit of dad dancing, then he’s letting the side down!

What question do you wish every couple would ask you when you are meeting with them for the first time?

We are brimming with creativity and ideas and what really excites us is when a Bride and Groom asks us for our input on how we can make their bar experience really unique and extra special for their big day.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work?

Meeting other like minded creatives is a great way to stay forward thinking and keep things fresh. We consider every event to be an opportunity to find more and more ways to improve our service. We also love sharing cocktail ideas that we come across and are hugely inspired by the passion of our lovely, small batch, local producers

What would people be surprised to learn about you and/or your work?

The surprise is probably on us, rather than the other way around! We always knew we’d enjoy working together with our bar but, we are literally having the time of our life!

So, to ensure you and your guests are topped up with sumptuous drinks throughout your day check out Saddlers Bar!