From the Professionals...Does the word "wedding" double the price?

31 / 08 / 18

How many of you have been told "I bet they doubled the price when you mentioned it was your wedding" or, perhaps you're even fearful yourself that you'll be ripped off by unscrupulous wedding suppliers? We're here to dispel that myth and explain exactly why you pay what you do for your wedding.

The main thing to bear in mind is the time spent by a supplier on your actual wedding day is just a fraction of the total time they will spend working on your wedding.

Take for example your photographer, they will have spent time before your big day getting to know you, they would visit the venue and scout out spots for various photo opportunities, prepped a list of must have photos, prepped their kit, charged batteries, packed up and made their way to your venue. That’s hours of work all before they’ve even taken a photograph. Kate Southall from Copper & Blossom says “weddings seem more costly than birthdays/events purely because the length of coverage is so much longer (weddings can be in excess of 10 hours but events tend to be 4 or less!). I spend more time editing the images after the wedding than I spend at the wedding itself. There is also the time spent doing admin, travelling to and from the venue on the day, uploading images, writing blogs... the list goes on.

Florists have the majority of their workload before the wedding day itself. Louise of Wendy House Flowers spends on average 24 hours in prep work alone meeting couples, creating Pinterest boards, compiling quotes, emails back and forth, flower buying and prepping and then creating the floral designs.

Bands like The DeciBelles will charge more for a wedding than a party purely because they are longer in length-their hourly rate remains exactly the same it’s just weddings tend to call for longer hours, more musicians and often a DJ too.

Venue Stylists spend hours beforehand planning the look of your wedding using Pinterest boards and emails/phone-calls back and forth. Then there’s the unsociable hours setting up first thing before anything else arrives and taking everything away from 1am so the venue is clear for the next days wedding.

A marquee will cost the same to put up and take down and Mines Leisure Hire quote the same for their Pagoda’s regardless of the booking type. They are on call 24/7 to answer any questions or worries and will Visit the couple as many times as they want with no charge, that’s just all part of their five star customer service they pride themselves on.

Let’s not forget the venues who work hard to bring your wedding together, work tirelessly at attention to detail ensuring your tables look perfect, deal with last minute changes and guests changing their mind on the food. Venues like the Crown of Crucis say they are creating memories that last a lifetime and the pressure that comes with that is immense.

Chris of Fluffy Puffin summed it up nicely saying that what happens on the day is the tip of the iceberg.

It’s very true, so much goes on before the day and afterwards too. We strongly believe you get what you pay for, and if a deal is too cheap or too good to be true, is sadly often is.

Our members are vetted and approved by us. They are serious about their business and their reputation and they price sensibly to be competitive and successful in business. After all, would you pay a deposit to a business that may go bust?

If you're searching for suppliers for your big day then check out our directory which will have your #wedmin sorted in no time (and you can book with confidence knowing we've done background checks for you).

Happy planning!