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01 / 12 / 19

Whitewed Directory from the professionals blog makeup top tips

So ladies,

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and most likely the most photograph ready you’ll need to be at all times! Ever.

With this in mind, your usual beauty regime and makeup faves need to be reviewed to make sure your skin is in tip top condition and your makeup lasts from before you head down that aisle right through to sun set and beyond. Let's not forget that honeymoon too, hands up who would like great make up free skin showing off that post wedding glow?!

Whitewed Directory from the professionals blog makeup top tips

We’ve asked two of our fab makeup artists for their top tips and beauty must haves to make sure you look like you, but the best version of you for the entire day.

First up is Emma who runs Makeup by Emma.

Emma says “If you are able to have a facial before your wedding day, do so as your makeup will go on so much smoother and look even more flawless. After trying myself and have now become addicted I would recommend Dermaplanning. This removes all the dead skin and all the callus hair from the face and leaves the skin looking immaculate."

Whitewed Directory from the professionals blog makeup top tips

Top tips-

  • Drink plenty of water, it's so true, water clears out toxins and will leave your skin feeling and looking fresh.
  • Do not use your wedding day to try a new makeup trend/style, you will regret this in a few years when you look back at your photos.
  • To keep your lipstick lasting longer, use a matching lip-liner pencil to line the lips and colour in the lips before applying your lipstick. This acts as a great base and will keep your lipstick in place for many more hours.

Makeup must haves

Your lipstick! You will need to top up throughout the day/evening so have a lipstick so you are able to do this. Charlotte Tilbury - Pillow Talk is AMAZING!!❤️

Whitewed Directory from the professionals blog makeup top tips Charlotte Tilbury

Waterproof/smudgeproof mascara. My favourite is Bobbi Brown no smudge mascara. This long wearing mascara holds its own against flaking, smudging, sweat & humidity, while giving the perfect voluminous look to lashes without clumping them together.

Studio Fix Powder by Mac - This is a great little product for you (or your bridesmaid) to have throughout the day. It is a great oil control, has a matte finish and will top up your coverage if you feel you need it throughout the day.

Rachel from Rachel Neate Makeup & Hair who is also a qualified beauty therapist and says…

“I always do a skin consultation at the trial so that I can find out the brides skincare regime, if she has one and the products she uses. Makeup is only as good as the skin that it is put on. We can vastly improve the look of the skin with makeup products but it is so much easier if brides are aware that they need to prepare their skin for their wedding day. So for the wedding day we want the skin to look healthy glowy and hydrated and as smooth as possible. So I always recommend that if my bride has the budget and time that they have a microdermabrasion facial treatment. This is an instant result facial treatment and is a very deep exfoliation of the skin. It leaves the skin smooth, radiant and healthy looking and you can feel the difference immediately. I would recommend they have one about 2 weeks before their wedding day. If they can stretch to having more than one over the months leading up to the wedding day all the better"

Top tips-

  • If my brides don’t have the budget or time or just don’t like facials then I recommend that they step up their skin regime with an exfoliation of the skin up to 3 x a week starting from the trial and that they moisturise well.
  • If my brides skin is combination or oily then definitely microdermabrasion or home exfoliation but be careful with what moisturiser they use. They will need a moisturiser for combination or oily skin as these tend to be water based and balance out the skin not overload it with more oil.
  • If you are having a spray tan for your wedding always have a trial and always do the prep and aftercare that is advised to avoid patchiness and streaks.

Whitewed Directory from the professionals blog makeup top tips Charlotte Tilbury

"In order for the makeup to last all day as a makeup artist I layer the products up but sparingly so it doesn’t look caked on but natural. Starting with moisturiser, primer, illuminator if required, foundation, concealer, bronzer/contour, blusher, highlighter sparingly, and then a HD Finishing powder which gives that smooth photo finish look setting with a finishing setting spray. So the bride should not need any products to top up apart from her lipstick. Even then I will layer the lipstick up so that when she eats canapés or sips champagne it doesn’t come off all in one go, but in layers so that she can still look photo ready right up until the end of the wedding meal, when she will need to top up her lippy ready for the evening"

Must haves

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic dry sheet mask. If the brides skin is in need of hydration investing in one of these masks at £18 is worth it as it helps improve the hydration and skin texture and you can use it more than once. Her Magic Cream is also amazing and I do use that on my brides if they have dry and dehydrated skin.

Whitewed Directory from the professionals blog makeup top tips Charlotte Tilbury

If there is any day in your life to employ a professional makeup artist and use state of the art makeup products, your wedding day is it. From their expert knowledge on makeup that can survive the flash from the camera to sipping champagne all day, they really are an investment worth making. After all, your photos will last a lifetime and nobody wants panda eyes or contouring gone wrong in their album and on social media!

Check out Rachel Neate Makeup & Hair and Makeup by Emma to find out more!

Happy planning

Love Team Whitewed x