Meet our Supplier of the Month: Burnt Orange

01 / 05 / 19

Whitewed Directory supplier of the month Burnt Orange Love Letter hire Bath Somerset lola scroll wedding lettering

Each month we like to get to know a supplier even better and bring you snippets you won't know about them from their page. This month our supplier of the month is Burnt Orange, a Bath based company hiring desirable and stylish love letters that will play a key part in creating the wow factor on your wedding day!

With an ever growing collection, Burnt Orange will certainly have a style to suit your theme or vision! From their classic 4ft LED light up letters to the impressive 20ft long floral love letters, Burnt Orange are ready to bring love to weddings all over the South West!

Here’s what Alex, owner of Burnt Orange had to say when we quizzed her...

Who runs Burnt Orange and how did you start out in business?

Burnt Orange is run by me, Alex, a hopeless romantic transported form the world of banking to wedding planning nearly ten years ago. In that decade I’ve done all things wedding, from planning and styling, to working in a bridal boutique. Three years ago this month I decided to strike out on my own, starting with a set of love letters built for a friends wedding and growing from there.

What is your greatest fear when you are working on a wedding?

Aside from a drunken groomsman or four wiping out my love letters with some overly exuberant dancing, it’s probably an issue of size! I know lots of venues locally and I always try and scout out the ones I’m not familiar with but I often worry, especially with the largest set of letters which are 20 feet long, that I’ll arrive to find that there’s not enough room. It’s important to communicate well with wedding planners and of course with the bride and groom - there hasn’t been an issue yet. But that doesn’t stop a few butterflies sometimes when heading out with the supersized Flora - seeing them against this not so little Land Rover, shows just how huge they really are!

Whitewed Directory supplier of the month Burnt Orange Love Letter hire Bath Somerset Matt Fox Photography 20ft floral hand crafted wedding lettersImage Credit: Matt Fox Photography

What is your greatest extravagance that helps you get through the day?

Well, a serious tea habit but that’s not really an extravagance! It’s probably a small mountain of silk flowers! I literally can’t resist them if I see them when I'm out and about, and there’s always a need for a few more!

What is the best theme you have seen at a wedding?

There was a very plush red curtain at a wedding in Bingham Hall! It was very much a touch of old school glamour and the Legend letters looked amazing in front of it! So much so, that’s where they got their name. It was kind of Hollywood glamour and a change from the light up letters being on the dance floor. The chandeliers were amazing!!

Whitewed Directory supplier of the month Burnt Orange Love Letter hire Bath Somerset Annabel Farley Photography Berkshire legend 4ft high light up letters wedding ceremonyPhoto Credit: Annabel Farley Photography

What is the hardest thing a couple has ever asked you to do for their day?

There was a setup once that had to see the love letters balanced on small islands over a pond, that was a challenge, but it all came good in the end and after dark the reflection of the letters in the water was amazing.

When was the last time you laughed out loud at a wedding? What happened?

I've always completed the set up and gone by the time the weddings are even beginning, but I've laughed (LOL'ed) a lot at speeches and catching up with friends and family at weddings.

Where is your favourite setting for a wedding?

A large venue with some nice open spaces that are crying out for a special feature! Often it comes down to the team at a venue too, good service and friendly faces win every time.

Whitewed Directory supplier of the month Burnt Orange Love Letter hire Bath Somerset 20ft scroll floral letters Wiltshire outdoor wedding venue

Photo Credit: This Life Photography

What moment are you most proud of in your profession?

The Flora letters! Having people coming up to me at wedding shows saying they’ve never seen anything like them! I designed and made something that nobody else has on the market and I'm super proud of that and the reaction to them.

What is the one thing you can’t live without in your job?

A glue gun!! It goes with me to every single wedding set up just in case a pesky flower decides to jump ship. It’s not been needed yet but you can guarantee the one time it’s left at home will be the time I do need it!

What would people be surprised to learn about you and/or your work?

That I design all the products myself and the first set were actually made with my own fair hands (under the watchful eye of a VERY helpful retired wood work teacher!).

Whitewed Directory supplier of the month Burnt Orange Love Letter hire Bath Somerset owner creating bespoke lettering by hand with jigsaw

What is the most embarrassing thing you have seen at a wedding?

Back in the wedding planning days the bride made her entrance and after the initial welcomes the couple were invited to sit. The well-meaning groom pulled out the bride’s chair so it didn’t catch her train. The timing was impeccable…..the bride was expecting to sit on it only it was no longer there and she ended up rolling on her back, legs in the air!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work?

There are the endless hours spent wide eyed falling in love with the latest wedding trends on Instagram and Pinterest. More specifically, the brush lettering and calligraphy workshops I have been on really lit a spark wanting to make free flowing romantic looking letters. The Flora and Freya letters came from this love of brush lettering and then the Lola letters were inspired by photographs I’d seen of bride and grooms with sparklers spelling out the word ‘love’!

Whitewed Directory supplier of the month Burnt Orange Love Letter hire Bath Somerset caligraphy inspiration for wedding letters

What question do you wish every couple would ask you when you are meeting with them for the first time?

They could ask me for recommendations for other suppliers. Having worked in the industry for years I know weddings inside out, and of course I have an amazing network of fellow Whitewed suppliers in my contacts book.

Lastly, do you have any finally words you'd love to share?

I would LOVE to see my letters all over the South West, so if you're getting married this summer and quote 'Whitewed’ I'll gladly take £50 off any hire for a 2019 wedding.

Video Credit: The Official Photographer, Nick Spratling

Head over to the Whitewed Directory page of Burnt Orange here, to swoon over even more gorgeous images of the unique light up and floral love letters as they grace weddings across the South West.

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