Meet our Supplier of the Month: Your Inspired Beauty

30 / 10 / 18

Each month we like to get to know a supplier even better and bring you snippets you won't know about them from their page. This month, our supplier of the month is Your Inspired Beauty. Here's what Bev had to say when we quizzed her...

Who runs Your Inspired Beauty and how did you start out in business?
Alice is predominantly the main person running the Beauty side of the business with myself doing most of the weddings. We started the business over 5 years ago so that we could work together in a happy friendly environment. We decided to go mobile a few years ago as most of our clients were asking for home visits so we decided to accommodate them.

What is your greatest fear when you are working on a wedding?
I generally don't worry as I am very organised and have done a trial before hand. I suppose there is concern with timings on the day if waiting on other factors but I generally allow enough time.

What is the best theme you have seen at a wedding?
We generally work with Natural brides but did a steam punk one many years ago which involved heavy dark eye make up. It was very eye catching but remember the mother of the bride really didn't like the look!

What is the hardest thing a couple has ever asked you to do for their day?
I was asked to cover a brides arm tattoo as she didn't want it showing. Her dress was sleeveless so wanted it to not show. I was worried because her husband to be was in his military uniform which was wool so I hoped that the make up wouldn't transfer onto his jacket. Fortunately I set it with Hairspray and nothing came off and it stayed covered all day!

When was the last time you laughed out loud at a wedding? What happened?
There was one time when I worked with an older bride and she used to shave her eyebrows in her younger days so no hair grew. She asked me to draw in eyebrows and her granddaughter who was 4 came in and went "Wow grandma, you actually have eyebrows now and look like a princess!" Just priceless.

What moment are you most proud of in your profession?
Generally I feel proud each time a bride steps out. I love seeing the reaction of brides and their parties especially when they don't usually wear make up. They are pleased and surprised with the results and that is priceless.

Where is your favourite setting for a wedding?
I think for me Grittleton was a beautiful location. The drama of the building and the grounds is just gorgeous.

What is the one thing you can’t live without in your job?
For me decent Mascara. So many are too thick and do not apply very well and leave great big clumps on the eyelashes. Mascara doesn't last long when opened constantly so you need to refresh it often. So many people have theirs for years and they just don't last like that. I regularly try new brands with different styles of brushes.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have seen at a wedding?
My bride had been helping set up her marquee the day before her wedding and had a strappy top on and had burnt her arms and chest in the sun. She rang me in a panic the night before the wedding and said could I do something with the sunburn!! What a panic! I managed to calm down her chest and top of her arms for photos so she was happy!

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work?
I regularly read magazines and google celebrity photos to see what's in and what doesn't work. I learn new techniques by training and take inspiration from my main product supplier Jane Iredale Make up.

What would people be surprised to learn about you and/or your work?
I not only run Your Inspired Beauty with my daughter but I also run another successful business of 11 years with my husband in the IT industry. So my days are full whether it's weekend or during the week. My wedding make up part of the job is my favourite though. It gives me so much pleasure to meet new brides to be. Our service to them doesn't just stop at the make up, we never leave the bride before she is dressed and ready and are often the last to leave with the hair stylist when we know everything is perfect. Helping into dresses and running errands is also part of our day!

What top tips would you offer brides to be?

Make sure you prepare your skin months before the big day. Drink plenty of water and make sure you use moisturising lotion too. It helps dry skin and lips which helps makeup last longer.

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For more information about Your Inspired Beauty check out their page!