Real Dilemma: How can I make a bride speech?

05 / 06 / 18

It’s been reported that Meghan Markle broke with tradition and made a speech when she married Prince Harry. If you’re thinking of taking a stand just like Meghan then here are our top tips to make it one unforgettable speech!

Go first!

Go last and the pressure's really on – that's normally the best man's job to sweat during the speeches and get the laughs at the end. If you go first, the pressure's off and you can enjoy the rest of the speeches and let the guys take their turn to say nice things abut you! Traditionally speaking, the father of the bride goes first, then the groom, then any other speaker goes before the best man closes, so if you want to stick with tradition you may just have to sweat a bit longer!

Be different

You don't even have to write a speech, you could write a poem, even a rap or make a slideshow or video of your favourite memories together (obviously including some embarrassing pictures!)

Doing something different will mix it up and avoids you being directly compared to the others or doubling up on things others will say.

If you go for a speech you could talk about your family, how important they are to you and how lucky you are to now have another family too. Make a toast to those who can't be there, (us girls are good at emotional stuff!). You can also give out the gifts as part of the thank you's (because let's face it, most of them were thought of and purchased by you anyway right?!)

Structure it and don't double up

If you're planning a surprise speech, you need to make sure you won't be saying the same thing as the groom, so our advice is to go different (as above) or focus on saying things about the groom that are heartfelt and offer a different insight to what the best man will do. If you want to make a speech, speak to your groom and divvy out what each of you will cover. You could open with a few thank-yous which will get you in the flow before moving onto anecdotes and sentimental stuff.

Plan ahead to help with nerves

Write your speech down, practice it until you know it off by heart so when you speak you can look at your guests rather than the paper. Having the speech in your hands will be a comfort blanket rather than a necessity.

You don't have to do it

If you go ahead you'll be super proud and patting yourself on the back for being so brave and showing the men how it's done. If however you become a quivering wreck at the thought of it or decide on the day you just can't do, make sure you have a signal so the groom knows to cover what you were going to say (if you'd divided things up) and the wedding planner knows not to introduce you.

Enjoy it

What better opportunity are you going to have to thank everyone you love and care about in your life, all at the same time in one room? Go for it!

Happy planning,

Love team Whitewed x