The Groom's Speech

08 / 07 / 19

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As the groom, making your speech can be one of the most unnerving parts of the wedding, and indeed planning too. If you’re a groom wondering where to begin, how to put your speech together and the important do and don’ts then read on...

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There is no right or wrong when it comes to your speech, but there are a handful of key elements that are worth considering. At the end of the day, this is your wedding and your speech, so you can pretty much include anything you wish to. That said, we know it’s helpful to have a structure to follow when starting to plan out your speech. You could just ‘wing it’ and take to the mic and speak from the heart in the moment, however experience tells us this isn’t often best! Planning ahead will hopefully make sure you deliver a cracker of a speech, include everything and everyone you’d want too, and with any luck help settle those pesky nerves too!

Traditionally, the groom’s speech is wedged in between the Father of the Bride’s and the best man’s, so you’ll want to consider the length of speech and what you wish to accomplish. Typically, the most imperative parts of the groom’s speech are the 'thank-you's', and most importantly acknowledging your new wife. This is your chance to reminisce and share your love story, thank those that have shared in it, and toast your new wife for all their wonderfulness. They'll no doubt be laughter, tears and rounds of applause as the room share in your happiness on your wedding day.

Here are our three top points we’d recommend you consider when you sit down to write your speech. Each speech should be individual and personal to you, so don’t be afraid to add in more where you wish, and skip anything that doesn’t feel relevant to you, or your wedding day.

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  • the thank-you’s.... you could open your speech with ‘my wife and I’ – an exciting phrase that you’ll be using for the very first time! It’s important to thank all the significant people, however you’ll want to make sure that you don’t turn your speech into a thank you list. You’ll want to personally raise a quick glass to each, but only ask your guests to join you in toasting your new wife!

- Thank your new father-in-law for his speech and more importantly, for his beautiful daughter!

- Thank the bride’s family for their warm welcome to the family, their support and help in the making the wedding happen (if relevant!)

- Thank your family for their love and support. You could always add in funny moments from your childhood, everybody loves to laugh at a reminiscing story!

- Thank the bridesmaids. Praise their beautiful appearance and for their friendship and support to your wife, plus their assistance in helping to create your day.

- Thank your best man; share why you chose him, and what a great friend he is. You can share a story, but keep it clean, it’s his job to embarrass you next!

  • Onto your new wife. Share why you fell in love, moments and memories that have carved your path and how much you look forward to the future together. Approximately half of your speech should focus on your new wife, so you’ll have time to tell a poignant story or two to make the guests laugh – Be sure to finish off with asking your guests to join you in raising a toast to the new ‘Mrs....’
  • Pass the microphone to your best man. You could always remind him to be gentle if he wants to keep his best friend title!

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If you follow the above strategy, you can’t go too far wrong. Your speech should have a good mix of sentimental core, humour and heartfelt moments to deliver not just a good, but a great groom speech. Most important of all, this is your speech so own it, make it yours and remember that you don’t have the best-man's pressure!

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