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01 / 12 / 19

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Newly engaged? If so, a huge congratulations from us!

Firstly, make sure you take some time out to celebrate your engagement! It's a really exciting chapter of your life and the start of a new one, so enjoy sharing your news with those around you and the engagement bubble that you are currently floating around in! When you are ready to officially start planning your big day, we have some top tips, advice and guidance on how to tackle that 'wedmin' you never knew existed!

You probably didn't even know the word 'wedmin' even existed until'll soon be hearing it a lot!

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The planning for your big day is super exciting and lots of fun, however it can also be extremely stressful and overwhelming for some. Having an idea of where to actually start, an understanding of the importance of each area of planning, and a solid platform of trusted suppliers can make all the difference to the success and enjoyment of your wedding planning journey.

Luckily, here at Whitewed we can help you with all of this! Led by a highly-experienced Wedding Planner, our expert team know just how important precision planning and phenomenal suppliers are, so we are here to help! We'll whizz you through the stages of planning and explain to you just why using the Whitewed Directory for all of your supplier choices can save you time, money and stress!

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The Whitewed Directory is the ultimate resource for the savvy bride or groom-to-be. We are a directory of approved wedding suppliers in and around the South West. Every company we recommend has been vetted, approved and accredited with our 'Stamp of Approval' which means you can book them with peace of mind, trust and confidence.

We have almost 200 local vetted suppliers covering over 20 supplier categories, so there really is very little need to look anywhere else when searches for your suppliers. From florists to venues, cakes to entertainment, we have it all covered!

And...what's super about using all Whitewed suppliers is they often work alongside one another which can take a huge strain from you when liaising or working out the logistics as they are able to do this amongst themselves. They have the knowledge, support and confidence in each other which means you can totally relax knowing it's all in hand.

Here at Whitewed, we not only have our online Directory, but we also host numerous Wedding Shows too! We'll go into the importance of Wedding Shows in a moment, but just remember that they are a brilliant way to meet suppliers or visit venues that you've seen on our online Directory and beyond!

Whitewed Dilemma blog planning your big day approved wedding supplier you know where to find the perfect suppliers and have diarised our upcoming Wedding Shows, here are our wedding planning Top Tips...

  • Start planning early, it really can never be too fact, all of the best venues and suppliers get booked up a couple of years in advance!
  • Use a folder, Pinterest boards or invest in a wedding planning journal to keep all your thoughts plans and supplier notes together - there's nothing worse than desperately trying to find that important note on a scrap of paper!
  • Right from the off-set it's really important to nail your budget; don’t forget all the little extras like dress alterations, favours, gifts...and make sure you build in a 15% contingency so that you have room for the costs that you didn't expect / build in originally...and on that, remember to check that VAT / delivery or collection charges / travel are built into your budget too as these can often be extras in a quotation
  • Work out which helping hands are on offer to you and which ones you wish to accept - this can be anything from one of your bridal party, a family / friend or of course, a Wedding Planner
  • The guest list can be one of the hardest and most tiresome jobs when planning your wedding, but it’s also one of the most important. We recommend you prioritise putting together an initial guest list soon after your engagement has been announced, as this will work hand in hand with your budget and will impact on your decisions, especially suitable sized venues and catering
  • Visit Wedding Shows - these are an ideal way to view venues in a relaxed and informal manner, as well as meeting suppliers and gaining lots of inspiration and advice too!!
  • Research local suppliers. Get recommendations, use The Whitewed Directory and then arrange to meet the suppliers. Meeting the supplier or wedding co-ordinator at the venue is key. Meet them in person to ensure that you connect and are able to build a rapport, and always consider at least 3 options for every venue / supplier decision you make
  • When you’ve decided on a date, make it official set it! Venues and suppliers book up quickly so place your booking fees with your favourites as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We recommend prioritising your venue and ceremony first, followed swiftly by photographer, caterer (if applicable), florist, cake designer and music provider
  • Once your key elements are booked, now is the time to get creative and fun with all the added extras (photo booths, quirky food and drink vehicles etc.), table plans, seating arrangements and any elements that’ll make your day just perfect and personal to you.
  • Don’t forget to look back on your notes, mood boards and suppliers you’ve met and liked at Wedding Shows and during your research, it's really important that you stick to your ideals and the 'look' of your wedding stays true to your loves!
  • ...and remember, it's your day, yours and your partners - NOT everybody else's, so stand firm when necessary!

Overall, your wedding is one of the most personal days in your life, so really prioritise its planning - yes it's daunting, time-consuming and can be stressful, but use our website to the max and we promise it will make your journey easier and enjoyable!

Congratulations on your engagement and happy planning - here goes, see you on the other side, with you featuring in one of our Real Weddings!