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Ana Kelly wedding Celebrant Wiltshire

As an Independent Celebrant and Master of Ceremonies, I would be thrilled to work closely alongside you to craft, deliver and manage a bespoke wedding or vow renewal which reflects YOU, YOUR wishes and beliefs. Let's ensure your celebration is perfect!

I am free to incorporate religious, non-religious or spiritual elements to your service. Too often services are 'off the peg' and impersonal, giving the feeling that only the names have been changed in a recycled script. This is sad.

As a Master of Ceremonies, I have been regularly involved with a range of public events since 1990. With 26 years' experience as a teacher and college lecturer, I am an experienced and effective organiser, writer and public speaker. I hold a Master of Arts.

I am able to combine both my Celebrant and Master of Ceremony roles for your wedding service, if required.

Ana Kelly wedding Celebrant Wiltshire

Times are a-changing and now there so many options of venue & formats for weddings! A Boho Festival-style Field Ceremony, a Woodland Wedding, Nightclub Nuptials, a Traditional Choice, a Theme Ceremony, a Pub Garden union...You name it, I can help you achieve it!


Your service needs can be your starting point, & very much influence where & when your final, unique ceremony takes place.

Talk to me about your wishes & ideas. I am happy to help with suggestions & trusted local contacts for other wedding suppliers.


I can work with you to include personalised vows & symbolic elements - such as sand-blending, hand-fasting, broom-jumping or tea ceremonies.


A Celebrant service easily works alongside a legal declaration & allows you far more location & budget options. TV's 'Don't Tell The Bride' always uses Celebrants!

Before or after your Celebrant service -- on another day to suit you -- you would need to make a very short & inexpensive legal declaration in a Register Office accompanied by two witnesses. You DO NOT need to exchange rings here -- leave that til the realy meaningful ceremony/exchange of vows.


  • Your service and your vows will be so much more personal, detailed & unique -- I will get to know you and spend a long time on your service. A Registrar or Minister simply hasn't the time to provide this.
  • The service will smoother, as your guests won't be kept waiting whilst you complete legalities behind closed doors.
  • You may, if you wish, have religious or spiritual prayers or readings which a Registrar cannot allow.
  • A Celebrant-led service allows many more options for symbolic elements such as hand-fasting, broom-jumping, sand-blending, foot-washing or tea ceremonies.
  • Your photographer may take shots of youactually signing the ceremonial certificate.
  • Licensed premises are INDOOR-only, so you have the option of an outdoor wedding service, and non-Licensed venues.
  • More option venues mean more chances to control your budget.
  • If you are delayed, I allow a two-hour slot for a 30-minute service and so am happy to wait for you!

'Our first thought when we arranged to get married was to ask Ana. She delivered the service words beautifully and they really captured us and our feelings. The thing is with Ana is she is caring, she listens and it is important to her that things are great, even if it means asking (nicely) for others to do their jobs right ahead of time (moving tables, getting the room just so etc...) She is also funny, patient and calming.'


'I really appreciated the lovely service and time you took. Lots of people told me they loved the service. Thank you so much for the beautiful bound copies you gave us and for taking the time to put together additional copies for people who were asking.'


'Happy New Year Ana! Thank you again for making our wedding day very special!!! We were delighted with your lovely script and loved the flow and words! Thank you so much for all your fantastic help.'


Ana, This is BRILLIANT!! thank you so much! we love the service you wrote!!! I just wanted to say thanks again!! We hadn’t really put much thought into the words and didn’t realise how important they were until you sent your script over!! Well impressed with how you’ve been able to take what we have said and somehow managed to sculpt it into what it is!


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