Real Wedding: Dave & Matt at The Swan Inn, Bibury

Real Wedding: Dave & Matt at The Swan Inn

We have to say, Kathryn from Capture This Moment is just a brilliant story teller with her photography and the lovely words she sent through with this blog....

This is the wedding of Dave and Matt who married at The Swan Inn, in Bibury. Kathryn says...

"A beautiful day, in every aspect: the Grooms both looked dashing in their suits, the Groomsmaids looked stunning in their Jenny Packham dresses and Monty was truly dashing in his bowtie. However, the impeccable style choices were not the most memorable thing from this day. Instead the thing that sticks with me, when I think of this day, is the overwhelming feeling of devotion, which Matt and Dave obviously both have for one another and the tremendous joy and love both their friends and family have for them as well.

It was obvious from the moment that I arrived, that this wedding was going to be one full of laughter and love. Hugs were received on our arrival from the grooms and the excited talks of what was to come began. Once this was over and the grooms parted from one another (only for a short time) to go get ready. The stylish accessories chosen by Dave, made for some beautiful pictures of deep golds and browns against the ray kissed wooden floor of, if you could believe it, the bathroom. The flowers, were stunning and little fuss was needed when it came to capturing their beauty, all that was needed was to show the array of delicate and demure flowers which were bundled together. Then when photographing Matt's accessories, we unfortunately weren’t blessed with the same dark wood bathroom floor streamed by light, but a beautiful wide window looking out onto the picturesque town worked wonderfully and lit the pieces perfectly.

Then the ceremony situated in the beautiful swan hotel began. Unconventional in many ways, with the guests and then the Groomsmaids walking down the aisle toward the grooms already stood at the altar. Many think that a wedding should be traditional and that there is a certain way of doing things; however, it was very refreshing to go to a wedding where not everything was ‘traditional’, as it showed how personal the wedding was to them because they had chosen when and what would happen instead of simply relying on ‘tradition’. After the heartfelt ceremony, which really did symbolise the joining of two families with both mothers weeping with happiness and holding each other dearly and the two grooms beaming their enthusiasm for one another.

Later it was time for the group photos on the beautiful grounds of the Swann Inn. Afterwards it was the speeches. Surrounded by a roomful of loved ones the grooms had speeches made to them by their Groomsmaids. They were brilliant in every way and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house, if not through the loving words said of out of joy and laughter from the large collection of hilarious anecdotes. Capturing the expressions and looks of everyone listening was both tremendous fun and great evidence of how much this couple meant to so many people.

After the speeches, the light was getting hazy and so the Groomsmaids , and Matt and Dave, were taken outside for a few photographs on the beautiful bridge and cosy cottages situated a small stroll away, which worked as the perfect background. Once we had fished it was time to eat and refuel for what seemed to be a long night ahead of dancing with…lets just say, unusual dance moves that night."

Kathryn certainly does Capture moments so beautifully. We love the little details being caught on camera as much as the emotions and high drama.

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