Real Wedding: Gemma & Sean at Clearwell Caves

Real Wedding: Gemma & Sean at Clearwell Caves

We have to say, Kathryn from Capture This Moment is just a brilliant story teller with her photography and the lovely words she sent through with this blog....

This is the wedding of Gemma and Sean who married at at Clearwell Church and their unique reception was at Clearwell Caves.

Kathryn said "Gemma and Sean’s wedding was... well, it’s pretty hard to describe. Let’s put it this way, there was two wedding dresses, 5 bridesmaids, one cave, two range rovers and, oh yes, a pair of baby pink wellies. As I said it was pretty indescribable. However, this is the biggest compliment I think I could give. Sean and Gemma’s wedding was neither typical nor predictable [by any stretch of your imagination, I mean they had their reception in a cave], but by it being so indescribable it was also completely unique to them. Everything to the last details was a reflection of them as a couple"

"The service was conducted by the local vicar who happened to have taught the couple and many of their guests R.E in secondary school. The lighting was perfect, it lit Gemma’s veil hazily and them evenly. They were both really relaxed and playful with one another, which helped to create some really natural and beautiful photos of the couple. At the church there was a sort of aisle outside, which had been created by two lines of yew trees, which is where most of the photos of the couple were taken."

"Then it was time to go to the reception venue, which was a cave! They had their reception at Clearwell caves, a venue important to the couple, Gemma worked at the caves whilst studying locally. The cave had been decorated by the groom and his sister as well as an army of helpers with fairy lights and candles to give it a beautiful ambient glow. Each element needed to be carried down into the caves. Their theme reflected the area and the time of year with lots of natural products locally sourced to decorated. This was all a big surprise to Gemma who had little input (at the request of Groom) in this part of the day."

"In the evening it began to rain, most bride’s nightmare, but not Gemma’s. Gemma and I had previously talked about taking some photos outside in the rain, so we took this opportunity to take some more creative shots. In the caves there is a lake, which is lit with blue lighting, you would have never of guessed that really it was my assistant holding the light and another guest frantically breathing in front of them to create the misty look, which was achieved in these photographs."

"Gemma and Sean’s wedding was very unusual and unique, but it was also very beautiful and special.

It was a joy to photograph. The laid back attitude of the couple along with their enthusiasm meant that there day was so easy to capture, as they provided so many priceless moment to do so."

We just adore this wedding and the wintry romance that radiates through every picture. Kathryn certainly does Capture these moments so beautifully and is also one lovely lady to boot which is great to know if you're searching for a professional to share one very special day with you!

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