Real Wedding: K&D at Eastington Park

Real Wedding: K&D at Eastington Park

ELF sitters is a family run business providing wedding crèche services. Emma and her team of ELFS provide an amazing mobile wedding crèche service. Emma says...

"ELF sitters came along for the whole day and evening to help with the little guest at K and D's wedding in August at Eastington Park.

We set up in the morning room which was just a few steps away from the main reception.

We brought a large selection of toys to keep the children entertained and we also provided party boxes for each child with a lovely selection of small toys in and we also provided individual wedding build a bears for each child. Each bear comes with its own birth certificate and carry bag and a little charm to enclose when the bears are stuffed to bring them to life.

The children had an individual table for the the wedding breakfast and we helped the children with their meal.

In the evening as the children started to get tired then we took some children to bed and for the families not staying at the venue we turned the creche room into a comfy area with DVD's where the children could relax and nap."

We love how Emma and her team can keep children happy and entertained for as long as you need them too, and we all know that happy and relaxed children equal happy and relaxed parents! So if you're debating whether or not to invite children to your big day, or don't know where to start when it comes to keeping them entertained, check out ELF Sitters!

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