Real Wedding: Nicky & Dale at Marsh Farm Hotel

Real Wedding: Nicky & Dale at Marsh Farm Hotel

This Real Wedding took place at Whitewed Approved Marsh Farm Hotel and was captured beautifully by Alan Parsloe Photography. Alan says...

"We first met at Nicky & Dale's house when I went around to run through how I would manage their wedding event. Sensing they were a little nervous we went through what we would do leading up to their big day and how the wedding day would go.

I showed them the equipment I would use along with many of the images I had taken of previous weddings which they really liked and a variety of actual Prints, a Canvas print and a photo-book all of which are optional.

In case of inclement weather on their big day the chances of getting all the guests back together in one place would be slim so I offered to take some portable studio lights which we could use indoors to make sure everyone was captured celebrating their wedding. Almost all venues would have a room available for this. In this scenario I also offer the bride and groom the opportunity to dress up and get some further shoots on a better day.

I gave them a generic list for idea's of group shots for the wedding day so they could tailor make it to suite their requirements, understanding they are using the same venue for the wedding and reception.

Feeling less anxious they are now starting to relax and ask valid questions.

Where is it best to take the photo's at our event they ask? Well nothing like an actual review of the venue, we promptly booked in a day to go and have a look.

Armed with a clear understanding of venue location and facilities Nicky and Dale are turning their worries into excitement.

What if we are nervous on the day they ask? It will show up on the photo's.

I explained that all weddings I do, include a complimentary engagement shoot at a day, place and time of their choosing and that is booked in for a couple of weeks before the big day.

The engagement shoot went really well and we had some fun at the same time. Nicky and Dale are confident now.

07:30 The big day is here and I'm at the Venue getting some shots before the guests start to arrive and the preparation of the rooms. Weather is very cloudy but warm. Small chance of rain.

09:00 And up to the bridal suite I go and capture the bride, bridesmaids and Nicky's two young sons getting ready. Hairdresser, make up, dress, flowers, jewellery, shoes and garter all in the bag. Being so young I thought the two boys would be a bit nervous but not all. They were the stars of the show and happily posed for the camera having a look at every shot taken bless them. The youngest (4) did his best to get into every shot! I noticed that from the bridal suite there would be a great opportunity for a shot from above of all the guests at a later time.

13:00 Dale arrives and I nip down for a chat and got a few shots of him and his best man. Not nervous at all.

13:50 I have a quick introductory chat with the registrars. They are superb and I am able to get wherever I like to ensure I capture the best shots. Not interfering with the ceremony I might add.

14:00 The wedding ceremony goes really well and I get lovely shots of the bridesmaids leading in the bride, the vows, exchanging rings, first kiss and signing of the register. The bride and groom looked so happy walking back along the avenue of guests which were all evident in the images.

14:45 The best man is doing a great job of getting all the group shot guests together and this goes without incident. Everyone's happy.

With the group shots in the bag off I go with Nicky and Dale and make use of all the features the hotel offers and we have a lovely set of images.

16:00 The wedding breakfast starts and of course the all important speeches. This went equally as well and all though very nervous the best man pulled off an unusual Mr & Mrs activity with the bride and groom which went down a storm. Appropriate images captured.

18:00 A time for Nicky and Dale to relax and a chance for me to get around all the guests and make sure they are captured celebrating the wedding

19:00 The evening do is underway and the bar area is filling up. Busy time for me getting images of the guests as they arrive.

20:00 The first dance and the cutting of the cake means more atmospheric images.

20:30 The party is well underway and the dance floor is my next quest and more shots in the bag of people enjoying themselves.

22:30 What an enjoyable day it has been. Nicky and Dale are happy. All the guests are happy and I'm happy I have captured this lovely couple images they will be proud to pass on to future generations. Off home now. Editing starts tomorrow."

What a day! For more information about Alan check out his page Alan Parsloe Photography

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