Get the best from your wedding day set up

The Fab Gift Boutique

Sandra Trusty of The Fab Gift Boutique joins us in The Planning Hub and she shares getting the best from you wedding day set up tips.

The Fab Gift Boutique & Venue Styling brings a decade of international experience, and bags of flair and innovation to your wedding and celebration.

They're passionate about what they do. But then, everyone will tell you that. So what makes them different? In a nutshell, their offering goes beyond a venue dressing service. From the big to the small – they do it all.

They don’t just decorate, they commentate. They tell your story and reflect your interests with carefully chosen decorative elements.

Video with The Fab Gift Boutique featured in Venue Decor / Hire, Favours & Gifts in our Wedding Supplier Directory.

Key video points

  • Plan all decorative elements well in advance
  • Choosing decorative items to enhance and complement your venue
  • Why you should hand your wedding set up to a professional
  • Why you should hire decorative items rather than buy them
  • Keeping children entertained at your wedding