Should I invite children to my wedding?

ELF sitters

Emma Fursman-Ward of ELF sitters joins us in The Planning Hub and explains how a creche is the answer to the 'should I invite children to my wedding' question.

Headed up by Emma Fursman (ELF are her initials) and her team of ELFs, ELF sitters provide an amazing mobile wedding crèche service.

ELF sitters provide the CRB checked staff, age-appropriate toys and entertainment and you just need to provide the little guests and wedding venue - all in all a variety of ways to entertain the children at your's the perfect solution!

Video with ELF sitters featured in Children in our Wedding Supplier Directory.

Key video points

  • Why a creche works whether you’re inviting children or not
  • How a creche is organised to give peace of mind to all
  • Very cost effective, and varies depending on the children involved
  • Creche set up requirements
  • It allows everybody on your guest list to have a great day!