The value of having ice cream at your wedding

Rays Home Made Ice Cream

Hadi Brooks of Rays Home Made Ice Cream joins us in The Planning Hub and explains the value of having ice cream at your wedding.

Choosing the food for your wedding day is one of the key decisions to make. Whether you're looking for an alternative to a traditional dessert, a treat at your wedding reception or an alternative to welcome drinks...or just a little bit of fun, Rays can help with their delicious home made ice cream.

They are completely flexible and can tailor the ice cream equipment that they bring to suit both you and your wedding venue. They can serve your ice cream indoors or outdoors, and at any time of day to suit your plans. However large or small your wedding, they are able to help!

Video with Rays Home Made Ice Cream featured in Cakes & Desserts, Entertainment & Fun in our Wedding Supplier Directory.

Key video points

  • The best times to add ice cream to your wedding day
  • It’s an ice breaker, a talking point and fun!
  • It’s for little kids…and big kids too!
  • Tailoring your ice cream flavours and set up
  • It’s about the cost of a drink per person