Marquee & Tipi

Hiring a marquee or tipi for your wedding is a wonderful idea. They are a blank canvas and it means that you can add your own decorations to reflect your personal style and taste. In effect, a well decorated marquee is THE “pop up” wedding venue. They're not cold and draughty either – discreet and effective methods of heating are available should you need it.

However, it's important to hire an established, professional company who know what they're doing. There are many details to consider and things can go wrong so do take the time to find a good supplier.

Make sure that you discuss all your requirements and take a check list: location, numbers of guests, flooring, dance floor, furniture, lighting, heating, electrics are just a few major factors. Don't forget linings, generators, toilets and catering areas, too.

A professional company will guide you through everything you need to know, cover all the bases and create the ideal wedding venue.

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