Planners & Stylists

A wedding planner and venue stylist are must-haves if you and your partner are busy people, if you simply don't know where to start or have chosen a DIY wedding.

A wedding planner will take on as little or as much of the planning process as you need, including the discreet management of the day itself. He or she will tailor their services exactly to your requirements and your all important budget - with exceptional negotiation skills and a network of known and trusted suppliers, an experienced wedding planner will actually save you money and ensure you a wonderful, stress-free day.

Venue Stylists are key, too. They will meet you prior to your wedding to discuss all your ideas, ideally adding value with suggestions of their own. They're also likely to have a range of decorative items that you can hire, making this service a real time-saver and stress-buster.

Both professionals will ensure that you spend your morning being pampered and enjoying quality time with your bridal and groom party, not the time-consuming and stressful task of decorating your venue!

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