Fact. Your wedding day is going to whizz by in a flash. It's worth capturing as many special moments as possible, not only on film but on high quality digital video, too. A well filmed and expertly edited video will provide an engaging record of the day, recording moments and details that could otherwise be forgotten or overlooked.

A videographer will be able to record sound as well as images, meaning that your actual wedding ceremony will be available to experience again and again. The voices and images of your parents or grandparents will be there for posterity too. Sadly, the people who love you will not always be in your life, so you'll want to have these moving images to remember them in the years to come.

Hefty cameras and sound equipment are long gone, with smaller, more discreet yet powerful video cameras making little if any impact on your guests' enjoyment of the day - a great addition to your wedding day, for sure!

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