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Traditional? Cutting edge? Vintage? Flowers are the ultimate decoration for your wedding, adding natural beauty and style to your special day.


A skilled florist will be able to put together colour combinations, shapes and configurations to transform your wedding venue, adding a real Wow factor.


Make sure that you review each florist's portfolio, not least because they all work in a unique way, with a signature style.  Also, don't forget to book an initial consultation to discuss your vision, the sort of look you love and of course, how much money you have to spend.


The florist will show you previous examples of their work and guide you through what flowers are seasonably available, as well as advising on the best way to create your ideal floral vista.


You'll need to consider the size of the venue, the other venue decorations, table numbers and guests, as well as a corsage for the groom and button holes for your guests, if appropriate.  And of course, your gorgeous bridal bouquet, the most important floral display of all.


Flowers for your wedding are a must!

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