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Have you ever been at a wedding that was a bit disorganised? Well, us British, with our tendency to queue for things and our preference for fair play, actually like being gently told where to be at each stage of an event's proceedings; it makes us feel secure. Your wedding day is no exception and a professionally trained Toastmaster could be just what you need.


Resplendent in his red tail coat and with a distinctive voice that commands immediate attention, your Toastmaster can do all sorts of unexpectedly good things for you, such as assisting the photographer to organise group shots (always tricky) and organising your receiving line. He'll also be happy to announce the “stages” of the day, for example when it's time to sit down for your wedding breakfast, announcing the speeches and the cutting of the cake.


Many Toastmasters work a long day for you and will be prepared formally to close the proceedings. Brilliant! What's not to like?

Andy Collins Wedding Entertainment

Provider of amazing DJ services, wedding host and entertainment


Peter Craft, Toastmaster

An experienced Toastmaster with a warm and professional manner


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